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16 oz Ethiopian Harrar, Full City Roast
Ethiopian Harrar has a nutty and spicy aroma, medium to full-body and a distinctive winy and tart flavor due to the "natural process" of fermentation in its pulp. We roast this selection to a "Full City Roast" which is a light brown color with a mild toasty nuance.
16 oz. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Light French Roast
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe comes from the single Sidamo Estate in the Kaffa region of Northeast Africa. The Yirgacheffe is a washed coffee with a sweet aroma, mellow medium body and the flavor is delicate yet fruity with a lingering finish.
Tanzania Peaberry coffee is lively, savory, and one of Tanzania's most distinguished coffees. With a full-body taste, a prominent aroma, and similarities to Kenyan coffee, this bean from Tanzania may be small, but it packs a lot of punch. The special peaberry beans are notoriously known for being small fused beans roundly shaped with a cleft in the middle. Only 10% of coffee beans are peaberry beans. This Tanzania Peaberry coffee is special because while these beans are rare, however, the cost is not exorbitant.

If you are looking for a light zest and a full-bodied flavor in every cup, this African coffee will show you why the Tanzania Peaberry coffee beans are a real treat.
TANZANIA PEABERRY, Light French Roast tanzania
OUT OF STOCK 16 oz. YEMEN MOCHA Light French Roast
Yemen Mocha is one of the world's oldest, most famous coffees, and is believed to be the original source of arabica coffee. Yemen Mocha is an extremely complex coffee with a spicy, cocoa, nutty, herbal and malty aroma. The body is full and very smooth while the flavor is rich, winy and tart.
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OUT OF STOCK 16 oz. ZIMBZBWE AA "Puzuru Estate" Light French Roast
Zimbabwe AA is the top grade of this East African coffee which is grown on the high plateaus along the Mozambique boarder which provides and ideal climate for the coffee trees to flourish. Zimbabwe displays a distinctive winey sharpness, a full body and complex flavor.
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